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Top 2019 Eyebrow Trends According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

Top 2019 Eyebrow Trends According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

In the past couple of years, the beauty industry has been obsessed with perfectly defined eyebrows. Until this last decade we didn’t think about how our brows impacted the rest of our face but as the thick brows made a comeback, we know that the shape of your brows can make a dramatic impact on your face.

Not only do eyebrows frame your face, they can also make you look younger and older, depending on the shape.

The women of the 1920s and 1930s had thin eyebrows that almost looked drawn on. In the 50s, icons like Brook Shields brought bushy brows into the limelight.

Earlier, beauty trends were set by celebrities in the tabloids but thanks to social media, anyone can set them. We’re seeing beauty trends come and go faster than ever before in the social media era; it can be hard to keep up.

Here’s what leading makeup artists have shared about top eyebrow trends in 2019:

Perfectly Sculpted Eyebrows Are Out

The perfectly sculpted “Instagram Brow” is on its way out. Just a couple of years ago, beautifully shaped brows ruled Instagram and other social media platforms.

A single out-of-place eyebrow hair had the potential of ruining your entire look. Each point and curve had to be clearly defined.

As gorgeous as the look was, it didn’t look real. No one has eyebrows that are so perfect all the time. You would have to get your eyebrows shaped by professionals and then stand in the mirror for hours, drawing on lines and filling them to get the shape you wanted.

It’s all good when you’re naturally blessed with thick eyebrows but for people with thin brows, getting the perfectly defined, thick eyebrows could be quite the mission.

Leading makeup artists think that the Instagram Brow’s 15 minutes of fame is now over.

Down-to-Earth Brows Are In

So what’s replacing the Instagram Brow? Today, people are ready to embrace a more attainable, softer brow that doesn’t look overdone. Makeup artists are calling 2019 eyebrows, “down-to-earth” brows.

Thick eyebrows aren’t going anywhere—they’re just not as flawless as they used to be.

We aren’t born with perfectly angled eyebrows that look like they have been drawn on using a ruler. Natural eyebrows don’t have straight lines. They are usually a lot sparser than what we’ve seen on magazine covers recently.

Getting the down-to-earth brows of 2019 will take a lot less time, would require fewer steps and the end result won’t be as defined. This year eyebrows will remain fluffy; however, because they’ll be much softer and the face will look a lot younger.

The messier brow has already made several appearances on the ramp at NYFW and other big events for fashion. Celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Lily Collins and Beyoncé have been seen with more natural-looking eyebrows on Red Carpet events.

To get the down-to-earth brow look this year, get your eyebrow neatened and shaped by professionals. Brush your eyebrow hair upwards to make them look fluffier.

Ready to switch up your brow game?

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You even have the option of having them filled in with microblading.

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